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  1. Gaming Keyboard G510

    Gaming Keyboard G510

    You'll be well armed for battle with this powerful keyboard for hardcore gamers. Get the real-time information and customizable control you need to step up your gaming speed, accuracy and victories.

    *Available in one color Only. Learn More
  2. Logitech G19 Keyboard

    Logitech G19 Keyboard

    Logitech's G series gaming keyboard was one of the first to incorporate a color LCD panel. This add-on provides unprecedented in-game information to speed up your decisions. You don't have to worry if your game is not supported by the G19. Top titles are printed in the support list, including Age of Reckoning, Multiwinia, Crysis Warhead, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway and World of Warcraft. More are on the horizon. So when you purchase the G19, you purchase the future.

    *Available in one color Only. Learn More
  3. Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    With this high-performance gaming keyboard, you can make the right moves with faster, flawless, precision. Quiet non-clicking keys with superior tactile feedback help you enter commands more rapidly—and reduce distracting noise so you can keep your ears in the game.

    *Available in one color Only. Learn More
  4. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G103

    Logitech Gaming Keyboard G103

    Keyboard G103 provides six programmable G-keys that simplify complex tasks, allowing you to quickly and consistently for customized features and makrosochetaniya. G-keys provide instant access to multiple customizable features with a single click. Assign the G-key to open mic channels to talk with your friends via Ventrilo, or to record gameplay on the fly. Assign the G-key to send predefined text messages to his team. G-keys can be programmed to interact with even the mouse Logitech G, on the fly to change the permission levels.

    *Available in one color Only. Learn More
  5. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105

    Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105

    G105 includes six programmable G-keys that make complex actions simple. Three separate modes deliver access to a total of 18 unique functions and macro combinations quickly and consistently. With G-keys, instant access to a variety of customizable functions is just a click away. Assign a G-key to open microphone channels and talk to friends through Ventrilo or to record your play on the fly. Assign a G-key to send predetermined text messages to your team. You can even program G-keys to interact with your Logitech G mouse to change DPI levels on the fly.

    *Available in one color Only. Learn More
  6. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

    Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

    As top-notch gaming gear, the G110 boasts custom-color illuminated characters for easy locating of crucial command keys, yet not harsh to your eyes. The no-learning-curve 104-key layout is complemented with a mass of function keys, twelve of which are fully programmable. The twelve programmable G-keys positioned right under your left hand can be assigned to any keystroke on the keyboard or complex macro to execute attacks on your enemies.

    *Available in one color Only. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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